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MT4 Drawing Toolbox Indicator can plots all kinds of rectangles, trendlines, fibos and other objects on the Metatrader chart’s seleted timeframes. You can use hotkeys as shortcuts to put the rectangles, trendlines, fibos somewhere you like. Options: Rectangle: Color, Rectangle: Line stvle, Rectangle: Line width, Rectangle: Filled? Rectangle: Width of drawn rectangle (in bars), Rectangle: Extend on new bar? Rectangle: Show object on? Rectangle. Object Description(leave empty for visible TF’s), Rectangle: Kerboard Shortcut, Rectangle: Draw Rectangle as CCanvas Bitmap obiect? Rectangle. Height of drawn rectangle, Rentangle(CCanyas transparency for the text(0-255), trendline features, fibo features(fibo panel, fibo levels, fibo objects, fibo keyboard shortcut), alerts, price label strings(HIGH, LOW, OPEN, yHIGH, yLOW, WEEK HIGH, WEEK LOW, MONTH HIGH, MONTH LOW, BUY, SELL, EXIT, LONG, SHORT, COVER, SINGLE, BOTTOM GAP, TOP GAP, LVN, HVN, POC, VPOC, POOR HIGH, POOR LOW), Keyboard Shortcut -Toggle Price Label Strings(Show/Hide), Keyhoard Shortcut – Show Fibo Buttons, Kerboard Shortcut – Simulate click on DRAW Fibo Button, Keyboard Shortcut – Toggle On/Off Object Description, Show Toggle Object Description on/off in Panel? Keyboard Shortcut – Toggle On/off Trade Levels, Show Toggle Trade Levels on/off in Panel? Keyhoard Shortcut – Delete last drawn object from panel, Keyboard Shortcut – Toggle Chart Seale Fix 1:1, Keyboard Shortcut – Show/Hide Drawing Toolbox, Extend right X bars to future, Trendline: Keep object selected after creation? etc.
Download MT4 Drawing Toolbox Indicator

MT4 Drawing Toolbox Indicator
MT4 Drawing Toolbox Indicator

MT4 Drawing Toolbox Indicator

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