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MT4 Chart Settings Indicator can set up many different chart parameters for the Metatrader 4 chart. Options: Bars To Look Back(Zero use all available Candles), Seconds to Refresh(Zero Refresh on New Candle), On Refresh calculate all Bars or calculate New Bar only, Buttons to tozzle Chart Settines, Show Daily Range, Chart Backaround, Chart Forearound, Chart Grid, Chart BarUp, Chart BarDown, Chart Bull Candle, Chart Bear Candle, Chart Line Graph, Chart volumes, Chart Ask Line, Chart Bid line, Chart Stop Levels, Chart Showo OHLC, Chart Show Ask Line, Chart Show Bid line, Chart Show Grid, Chart Show volumes, Chart Object Descriptions, Chart Chart On Foreground, Chart Chart Shift, Chart Chart Autoscroll, Show Daily ADR, Daily ADR Period, Show Daily Open Line, Show Prerious Day High/Low, Show Moving Average Channel, Moving Average Channel MA, Moving Average Channel Method, Show Trade Zone Boxes, Show Trading Hours Box, Show Weekly Pivot Trading Zones, Maximise Chart Double Click, Scale Chart, Hide Chart Window and Caption Borders, Show Pips etc. “Allow DLL imports” must be checked.
Download MT4 Chart Settings Indicator

MT4 Chart Settings Indicator
MT4 Chart Settings Indicator

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